The Old Rooming House, Accommoadtions in New Harmony, Indiana
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The Old Rooming House is an Italianate Victorian house built in 1896. While originally a family home, it was established as a Classic comfortboarding house in 1949 by Mary Rickens, who charged $3 a week and expected her boarders to be “neat, clean and polite.” Mary ran her business for over 35 years, then passed it on to Jim Stinson, the current proprietor. Jim remodeled the house, adding extra bathrooms and revarnishing the hardwood floors. Since then he's continued to add to the house's impressive collection of vintage travel memorabilia, antique furniture, and much-loved books. The Old Rooming House continues to evolve, but preserves the best of the “old days” with an atmosphere of easy comfort and magic discovery.


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